Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Our state-of-the art, 100,000 square foot, facility was specifically designed for maximum production and energy efficiency. And, within the facility, we operate under a global earth charter that protects the earth and conserves resources.

  • Solar roof panels use the sun to heat the plant’s water while a ceramic roof coating developed by NASA protects the plant from excess heat.
  • A non-freon air conditioning system efficiently cools the facility using only one, energy-efficient chiller located on the roof.
  • Shade trees surrounding the facility naturally lower internal heat by as much as 10%.
  • We have an exceptional record of safe water discharge and rainwater runoff, evidenced during frequent reviews by the county and other agencies.
  • Stainless steel manufacturing tanks on the second-level utilize gravity to transfer powders into machines on the ground level, conserving electricity.
  • All of Marlyn’s products are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes, and excess cardboard is recycled.
  • We use no alcohol solvents or harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process.
  • We clean our facility with environmentally friendly bio-cleansers and enzymes instead of chemicals.

Quality That Exceeds cGMPs

Certified by the Arizona Board of Pharmacy, we exceed Good Manufacturing Practices.

Effervescent Innovation

Marlyn leads the industry in effervescent innovation to upgrade the nutritional goodness of H2O.