Quality Counts

Marlyn has an unflawed reputation for safe, quality manufacturing that exceeds the mandated Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), as well as the applicable guidelines from the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). In fact, anticipating more stringent manufacturing regulations, we have embraced future-oriented solutions in an effort to continually improve our production processes.

Our Facility

Each manufacturing room has been designed to keep the environment at specified temperatures and has a safety-monitored dust collection system to virtually eliminate dust-safety issues. The doors are specially designed to slide easier and to seal tighter. This is all done in order to maintain temperatures and control potential contamination from the other rooms or from the rest of the manufacturing area.

Additionally, Marlyn capitalizes on Arizona’s arid climate to improve the production of our supplements. The arid climate helps us to better maintain stable humidity levels for the prevention of moisture-loving molds than can interfere with the quality of raw materials and to optimize tablet compression.

Quality Assurance and Control

Marlyn operates with quality standards and processes to ensure that products are completely safe and that the contents of the every bottle accurately reflect the ingredients on the label.

  • Our-in-house laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instrumentation and manned by highly qualified scientists and technicians.
  • Highly trained quality assurance specialists conduct quality inspections, environmental monitoring, and cGMP compliance training; and oversee final product releases and documentation control.
  • All materials, including ingredients, bottles, capsules, cotton, desiccant, packaging and labels are inspected for quality prior to release from quarantine.
  • Analytical testing is completed numerous times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure safety and effectiveness, and the material or product is not released for the next production step until it has passed testing.
  • We use laboratory tests to simulate the body’s internal environments and ensure the supplement will be properly absorbed, thus maximizing product benefits.

GMP Audits: FDA, NSF, Beckloff Associates, AIB International, STR-R, Bureau Veritas.
NSF GMP Registered. NSF GMP for Sport™ Registered
Registered by the Arizona Board of Pharmacy.
FDA 21 CFR Part III cGMP Regulations.


Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

We operate under a global earth charter that
protects the earth and conserves resources.

Effervescent Innovation

Marlyn leads the industry in effervescent innovation to upgrade the nutritional goodness of H2O.