The Advantages of HydraFizz™ Effervescents

Marlyn specializes in the development and manufacturing of HydraFizz™, effervescents that upgrade the nutritional goodness of H2O.

HydraFizz ™ Technology – For Our Custom Manufacturing Clients - is Marlyn’s proprietary, non-solvent granulation process which locks in the nutritional quality and potency of effervescent ingredients with no chemical implications. With HydraFizz ™ the effervescent, granules and drink powders are minimally processed, which is a perfect choice for the environmentally friendly consumers.

Fizzy Goodness for the Consumer

  • Targeted Health Benefits

    A powered-up hydration boost jam-packed with healthy nutrients.
  • A Guilt-Free Alternative

    Tasty enough to rival the indulgence of sugar-laden, nutrient-depleting sodas and energy drinks.
  • Superior Convenience

    Small tablets or powder sticks that go where you go, keeping up with a fast-moving lifestyle.
  • Real Results with Budget-Friendly Value

    Provides proven, unmatched performance at a price point for living on a budget.
    • No need for excessive—and costly—nutrient levels in the hopes that the body will absorb and use a slim percentage.
    • Unique effervescent form means increased stability and bioavailability.
    • Effervescents use a buffered solution, making them easy on the stomach.

A Moneymaker for Your Business

  • Additional Revenue Stream

    Tap into this relatively new concept to expand your marketplace presence.
    • Tablet formulations can stand-alone as an alternative to other, less-convenient or more-expensive formats.
    • Tablet formulations can also complement or enhance existing product formats.
  • Appeal to New Markets

    Unique form and packaging resonates with new classes of retailers and consumers.
    • New retailers: Compared to big bottles of liquids or capsules, effervescents appeal to eco-aware retailers and those with limited shelf space. Effervescents can help you gain entry into new locations.
    • New consumers:
      • The crossover potential of effervescents provides the opportunity to extend your brand to new target markets.
      • Form and function of effervescents provides a social aspect to your brand – they’re perfect for sharing!
      • Effervescents appeal to hard-to-reach target markets, like travelers!
  • Impulse Trial Purchases, Leading to Continual Revenue Stream

    Perfect blend of form and function turns initial trial sales into consistent, repeat business.
  • Dietary Supplement Classification

    Effervescent tabs fall under the dietary supplement category.
  • Eco-Friendly Form Supports Healthy Profit Margins

    Unique effervescent form takes up less space, requires less packaging and contains less weight than beverages—all of which support greater sustainability.

To learn more about HydraFizz™ effervescents and how they can work for your product development, contact us today!


Quality That Exceeds cGMPs

Certified by the Arizona Board of Pharmacy, we exceed Good Manufacturing Practices.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

We operate under a global earth charter that
protects the earth and conserves resources.